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Plan your gay wedding in Cuba

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29 de May de 2024

Main steps to plan your gay wedding in Cuba

To make the wedding of your dreams come true, there are some things that you should consider and talk about as a couple, because communication is essential for this big step. We urge you to visit a website specialized in organizing ceremonies and events, click on the following link: Your gay wedding in Havana

The first step is the marriage proposal

The first topic that we recommend talking about as a couple is the wonderful moment of giving the ring. There are many options and the key is to choose what makes them happy. You can surprise your partner with a ring; plan a dinner party or attend a special event and give it an unforgettable experience. You can also talk together and agree on which of the two you would like to give the ring to. Another possibility is that both gave each other rings; so they could buy a ring and plan a romantic moment for the two of them, thus fulfilling the requirements of both parties.

Wedding expenses

We all love weddings, they are the most fun event of the year, and although we wish that all our loved ones also have a silver and gold wedding, the harsh reality is that weddings cost a lot. If you are both financially stable, you can set a budget where you each pay half. Both parties may not work or be paid the same, so it pays to be the one who earns the most and pays the most for things like drinks or food. Locker room

We also have various options on this topic. We know some couples who decide to wear a wedding dress and a groom’s suit, but that is not the only option for your wedding; if it is a female couple, both can wear a long white dress with a veil; one can also wear a short white skirt and the other can wear a long white skirt, another option is to wear a different look than the one we know, with a different color suit on both sides.

The ceremony

Perhaps this is one of the most important questions to consider. Some people choose to say just a few words during their civil wedding ceremony, but there are couples who want a spiritual celebration where they commit to their bond with a symbolic ceremony.

The grand entrance

On that big day you have to walk among your loved ones, join your loved ones, and you and your partner have to decide how you want to do it. There are many options to consider: one of the two parties can stand in the place of the ceremony while the other party walks hand in hand with their father or mother; they can also participate in the celebration of the big day, walking shoulder to shoulder. There is another possibility that both parties walk hand in hand with their parents, one first and then the other. However you decide to score your goal, it’s important that you do it with a smile and with love for one another.

There are no rules or traditions that they can follow. Like everything in life, there are many options. What better way to get married than to have your own stamp of style and identity. Don’t be afraid to delete, add, create or cancel new or old concepts, the only thing that matters is that you can make the wedding of your dreams come true.

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