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Where to stay in Cuba on vacation?

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29 de May de 2024

What are the best rental houses in Havana, Cuba

Havana is a marvelous town of more than 2 million inhabitants that, like the other regions of Cuba, maintains a tropical climate almost all year round. The city inspires dozens of writers and painters famous for their architectural style.

Passersby flood the streets. The warmth and friendliness of its people invite you to enjoy yourself. Local businesses display the best of national culture and the night is adorned with Cuban rhythms. In Havana it seems that people do not sleep and the fun does not end with the sunset.

Would you like to travel on vacation to Cuba? If the answer is yes, read this post to the end and you will discover options house for rent in Havana for an unforgettable stay.

Travel is often fascinating, but requires some preparation to fully enjoy it. Once the destination is selected, it is important to find a rental house according to your budget, itinerary and personal interests.

Foreigners visiting Cuba always wonder where to stay in Havana. In the capital of all Cubans the accommodation offers are multiple and vary depending on the geographical position, the comforts of the place and the days of stay.

If you want to enjoy a Cuban experience, we recommend a rental house in a busy corner of the city to see closely the daily life of our inhabitants.

On the other hand, the old town is a must-see site because it is one of the best preserved in America. For those passionate about history and traditions, Old Havana will be the ideal place to stay.

Another very viable option to enjoy a pleasant vacation in this Caribbean city are the houses with swimming pools for rent.

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